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There are so many things I have to say! Just not enough time to write them all but I will do my best to get as many as I can!! 🙂 And I have some pictures I took to go along with it!



So, this picture is of Jinotega, the town I am staying in. If you look in the middle you see a large pile of dirt, the volunteer house is right below that. (I love that I just used a giant pile of dirt as a land mark!) What else could I point out…. oh! If you look on the right you can see a big white building with a bunch of trees infront of it, the white building is a big church, and the trees are one of the parks here in Jinotega! I have yet to take many pictures of the park, I will do that though because it’s such a unique little park! AND in the park, live SLOTHS!! The locals call a sloth a ‘perezoso’ often referred to as a ‘lazy bear’! Which I find funny! I have seen 3 perezosos in the last week, but haven’t had my camera either time! Way to go me.. haha 


This last Wednesday at the learning center we had a fiesta to celebrate all of their birthdays for this year! We played games, sung songs, made crafts, ate cake, and had a pinata! I learned that in their culture you dance while hitting a pinata, or before they even let you swing at it! It’s wonderful!! Some of these kids had some pretty great dance moves!!! 


Jinotega is a coffee town, so as you could imagine I have learned a lot about coffee! I have gotten to go to a coffee tasting demonstration a couple times and that was interesting. I didn’t even know there was a specific way to grade coffee! But there is, and I saw the demonstration of how to tell a good coffee from a bad coffee.. not that I could actually do so, because I think they are all gross! This last time I went you would never guess what I did …… 


I drank a coffee beverage and finished it!! After adding a little…. who am I kidding, a LOT of sugar!!! hahaha but I drank it, and here is a picture of the cup when I finished! Something I have never done before! 

Well, I am getting antsy, so I need to get up and go do something!! 


One thought on “Jinotega

    GRandma said:
    February 6, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    love the comments n pictures sooo u will b able to make us a good cup of coffee when u get home? U can teach us maybe we ll start drinking coffee too ha ha v

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